Banner with 11th District Court of Appeals Logo and text stating Court of Appeals of Ohio Eleventh District.


Photo of scales or justice and a law book.

Judge John Eklund, Presiding Judge

Danielle Maylone, Judicial Secretary

Jeffrey S. Moliterno, Judicial Attorney

Andrew S. Lock, Judicial Attorney

Judge Mary Jane Trapp

Sara Meadors, Judicial Secretary

Julie M. Sankovic, Judicial Attorney

Ryan M. Ellis, Judicial Attorney

Judge Matt Lynch

Stacie Whitney, Judicial Secretary

William R. Knox, Judicial Attorney

Julie A. Beadle, Judicial Attorney

Judge Eugene A. Lucci

Patricia A. Berger, Judicial Secretary

Dax W. A. Kerr, Judicial Attorney

Laura L. Bays, Judicial Attorney

Judge Robert J. Patton

Diane D. Hritz, Judicial Secretary

Ashleigh J. Musick, Judicial Attorney

Valerie E. Smith, Judicial Attorney


Shibani Sheth-Massacci, Court Administrator/Magistrate/Administrative Counsel

Keitsa Miles, Deputy Administrator

Linda Ireland, Court Paralegal

Sharon Vigorito, Case Coordinator

Janina Masters, Case Management Specialist

Tanisha Silvers, Administrative Assistant

Michael Stabile, Bailiff/Court Security Officer

David Hray, Security Officer

Thomas Rush, Security Officer