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This page will provide you with everything you need to know regarding Sheriff Sale properties. We hope you find it helpful.

Sheriff's Office will no longer accept cash. We only accept certified bank checks made payable to the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Sales by Date:

06/08/2017 Sheriff Sale
06/08/2017 Land Appraisals
06/08/2017 Sale Results

06/29/2017 Sheriff Sale (Second Provisional Sale will be July 13, 2017)
06/29/2017 Land Appraisals
06/29/2017 Sale Results

07/13/2017 Sheriff Sale
07/13/2017 Land Appraisals
07/13/2017 Sale Results

07/27/2017 Sheriff Sale
07/27/2017 Land Appraisals

08/10/2017 Sheriff Sale
08/10/2017 Land Appraisals
08/10/2017 Sale Results

08/24/2017 Sheriff Sale
08/24/2017 Land Appraisals
08/24/2017 Sale Results

09/14/2017 Sheriff Sale
09/14/2017 Land Appraisal

09/28/2017 Sheriff Sale
09/28/2017 Land Appraisal
09/28/2017 Sheriff Sale Results

10/12/2017 Sheriff Sales
10/12/2017 Land Appraisals
10/12/2017 Sheriff Sale Results

10/26/2017 Sheriff Sales (Second Sale is Nov 16, 2017)
10/26/2017 Land Appraisals

11/16/2017 Sheriff Sale (Second Sale is Nov 30, 2017)
11/16/2017 Land Appraisals


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